Ronald Orozco López - Solution of the equation $y^{\prime}=f(y)$ and Bell Polynomials

cm:10278 - Communications in Mathematics, November 11, 2022, Volume 31 (2023), Issue 1 -
Solution of the equation $y^{\prime}=f(y)$ and Bell PolynomialsArticle

Authors: Ronald Orozco López

    In this paper we use Faa di Bruno's formula to associate Bell polynomial values to differential equations of the form $y^{\prime}=f(y)$. That is, we use partial Bell polynomials to represent the solution of such an equation and use the solution to compute special values of partial Bell polynomials.

    Volume: Volume 31 (2023), Issue 1
    Published on: November 11, 2022
    Accepted on: November 9, 2022
    Submitted on: November 8, 2022
    Keywords: Mathematics - Dynamical Systems,Mathematics - Combinatorics,Mathematics - Rings and Algebras

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