H Nagaraja ; Uppara Manjulamma - Almost Kenmotsu Manifolds

cm:10925 - Communications in Mathematics, February 13, 2023, Volume 30 (2022), Issue 1 - https://doi.org/10.46298/cm.10925
Almost Kenmotsu ManifoldsArticle

Authors: H Nagaraja 1; Uppara Manjulamma 1

  • 1 Bangalore University

The object of this paper is to study generalized φ-recurrent almost Kenmotsu manifolds with characteristic vector field ξ belonging to (k, µ)-nullity distribution. We have showed that these manifolds reduce to Kenmotsu manifolds with scalar curvature-1. Further we establish the relations among the associated 1-forms and proved the conditions under which gradient Ricci almost soliton reduce to gradient Ricci soliton.

Volume: Volume 30 (2022), Issue 1
Published on: February 13, 2023
Accepted on: February 8, 2023
Submitted on: February 8, 2023
Keywords: nullity distribution,generalized concircular φ-recurrent,generalized projective φ-recurrent,quasi generalized Ricci-recurent,η-Einstein,[MATH]Mathematics [math],[MATH]Mathematics [math]

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